To All the Cop Haters Out There…You’re Wrong

cop haters are wrong

Cop Haters are a special crowd.

They love throwing the baby out with the bath water.

“All cops are bad,” they say, “There’s no such thing as a good cop.”

It’s the ultimate dichotomy.

There’s no room for improvement, accidents, or good behavior.

If you’re a cop, you’re automatically one of the bad guys.

At least, that’s what cop haters say.

They love that dichotomy. Almost as much as Feminists love the dichotomy of either you’re white and privileged, or you’re non-white and oppressed.

“All cops are bad.”

That’s a dichotomy.

And dichotomies are dangerous.

They create a group mentality of “us against them.”

“They’re the enemy. They’re evil and power hungry. Those guys can’t be trusted.”

Which leads to my all-time favorite…

“They’re no longer human.”

A dichotomy based worldview results in an “us and them” view of the world.

But that’s not the only problem with the cop hater mentality.

Yes, it’s based on a dichotomy, but that dichotomy is based on guilt by association, and faulty motives.

Cop haters say all police officers are bad because they participate in a system that locks people up for activities that aren’t morally wrong.

Cops use the excuse “I was only following laws” to justify their actions.

Apparently, all cops use this excuse?

However, the lines are rarely that black and white.

“Good cops” do exist. All it takes is for you to know a few of them. A friend of mine has a dad who is a local police officer. He’s a great person and has a good attitude toward his line of work.

He’s a good cop.

When someone makes a blatant statement like, “all cops are bad” they fail to realize the diversity of people.

They set themselves up for an easy defeat.

Such generalized statements are easily destroyed by knowing a cop. That’s all it takes.

Once you get to know your “arch enemy” you start to view them differently. Personal relationships are the bane of the “us against them” mindset.

A personal relationship cuts through the political propaganda. It shows you the heart of the person; who they truly are.

I would caution anyone in developing a political worldview that revolves around a dichotomy. It bogs down your ability to relate to those outside party lines. It even hurts your own view of the world.

A dichotomy worldview closes off the mind. In that closed environment, hatred and bigotry are bred.

If you can avoid using dichotomies, you’ll be better off politically.

Hatred and bigotry toward a group of people doesn’t go well these days.

You’ll be able to relate and better understand people.

Respect will also come your way.

Yes, bad cops exist. But you shouldn’t punish the whole for the sins of a few.

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