#NeverTrump & The Fight Against Collectivist Party Politics

Trump supporters and collectivist politics

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of being told a party owns my loyalty, or the loyalty of other Americans.

Ever since Trump beat out what many of us thought would be the future of the GOP party, I’ve been hearing this collectivist rhetoric throughout the Republican Party.

“Make sure Hillary never gets elected, at all costs. That’s all that matters. Trump is our best chance.”

I find such statements narrow & dogmatic.

Let’s forget Trump’s electability for a second (that’s a whole other discussion in itself)

Like a Christin caught up in theology, too blind to see the nuances of each individual Christian’s faith and values, many republicans have gotten caught up in party alliances.

“The party above all else.”

That’s their ultimate message.

“Win no matter what, no matter who we’ve got.”

As long as the candidate’s got an “R” after their name it’s ok. Don’t worry.

Sorry, but that’s too narrow minded for me.

Not only that, but it’s a sign of a much bigger problem…collectivism.

Collectivist politics is the idea of “the greater good.” The idea being that it’s ok to sacrifice the few for the many, or in this case, underlining principles for a presidential win.

Collectivism is a cognitive distortion, it’s a fallacy. It’s an infection that turns sympathetic individuals into a mob hell-bent on sacrificing anyone who asks questions, pushes boundaries, or decides to stay behind (they call it quitting or throwing away [fill in the blank]).

Collectivism demands my full allegiance, or it’s to the plank for me.

Collectivism in politics, specifically party politics, requires my full attention, agreement, and steadfastness.

If I refuse, I’m labeled a “sell-out,” “coward,” or “liberal.”

Luckily for me, I haven’t identified with the Republican Party for a while.

Yes, I assume I’m a “republican” on my voting card. But superficially ordained permission papers from officials is of no concern or relevance to me.

I am no republican. I am definitely no conservative. I haven’t been one for a while.

But, I do feel pain for my fellow principled individuals, those who refuse to “fall in line.”

They’ve received the brunt of this collectivist craze. You probably have too.

It’s the ones inside the party that get hit the hardest. No one cares about fringe sympathizers like me.

These principled conservatives and republicans have held their ground. They’ve voiced their opinions. They’ve even publicly displayed their disdain for “the party.”

They’ve fought the collectivist machine.

And I commend them. Because no one owns your allegiance. Politicians are opportunity taking, self-serving elites with the occasional altruistic motivation.

Politicians need you, you don’t need them.

The politicians of Austin, Texas don’t need Uber, they get driven around in city-provided vehicles (or are paid enough to afford their own). They don’t know what you’re going through. They do know that they need the taxi industry’s funds and friendship.

Politicians don’t know about your problems. They know what the media tells them, and what they want to hear.

The Party isn’t much better.

It’s an umbrella, but through the years it’s become a safe house. Yes, it keeps the back guys out, but it’ll keep you in (for your own safety of course).

The Party isn’t your sovereign. And you’re not its serf.

You’re not obligated to tote the party line.

You are an individual. You think on your own terms. You live your life the best way you can. You raise kids, go through college, get screwed by debt, and try to love your friends and family through it all.

Individuals don’t answer to anyone on ideology.

You’re free to believe in whatever you choose. If anyone tells you otherwise, if anyone tells you to fall in line, put them in their place.

I am sick of people telling me how I should act and what I should believe.

These people say they value the individual and freedom of thought, but they run to collectivist party politics when the going gets tough.

A party is meant to be diverse. If it doesn’t it implodes due to group think and self-censorship.

The party doesn’t own your beliefs. You do. Which is why in the end, I’ll sleep better at night because I didn’t cave into voting for a fascist fear-pandering demagogue to get a “republican in the office.”

One time wins don’t supersede the necessity for principles to reign supreme.

Because without principles who are we? What do we stand for?

And without principles does it even matter in the long run?

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