Clouds in the Sky

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The political world can be a whirlwind sometimes.

Ok… it’s always a whirlwind. It’s busy, passionate, and heated.

And sometimes you need to remove yourself from it all.

What do you do to remove yourself from the political environment?

For me, I usually get a thought provoking book (usually that means Seth Godin) and sit outside. Enjoy the breeze, my dog duke if he’s out there.

Sometimes I pick up my phone and text a friend, a buddy, a pal. Someone I know I can talk to about anything and just chill.

Whatever route I choose the ultimate goal is to exit one world and jump into another. It doesn’t mean one’s better than the other. It just means they both mean something to me.

I have friends; I have my passion (which just happens to be politics).

The key is enjoying both. The key is not to ditch one over the other.

What’s your other world? What helps you separate from one passion or hobby?
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