Change Through People… Or Through Regulations

Here’s a quick thought for a friday afternoon.

Does change come through person to person interactions, or through lobbyists, politicians, demagogues, and regulations?

Depending on which one you pick will tell you how  you view the world. It’ll tell you how you’ll go about reforming it.

Will you use the government? Or, will you use social institutions and industries to change your society?

For me, I go with the first option… change is through person to person interactions. It’s through relationships, the church, music, movies, the news, and yes, even video games. Regulations don’t affect social change, they accept it after it’s already been accepted by the society.

Why does social change through the government fail? Because it’s not voluntary. It’s not natural. It’s not a viable means of change. Change is only change if it affects the heart. Regulations don’t accomplish that.

Naturally is through communities, friends, and movements.

Voluntary doesn’t include legislatures, bureaucracies, or swat teams.

A viable means of change comes through reformers spreading throughout social arenas preaching the words of change.

It’s about influence.

The government doesn’t influence.

If you want to change society you’ve got to do it through the music industry. You’ve got to do it through the movie industry. You’ve got to do it through education. You’ve got to do it through friendships, love and kindness. You’ve got to do it through setting an example for everyone else.

You want change? Stop sitting on your couch. Stop trying to make the government do your work for you. Get up, go into your community, and influence your neighbors.

That’s how change is done.

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