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Political Correctness is a Poison The Political Informer

Being politically incorrect is great. But what about being politically incorrect toward your party? What does your party see as untouchable or off the table? What issues are sacred?

If honest questioning and alternative options aren’t accepted, it’s a sign of politically correct thinking.

Politically correct isn’t specific to liberals alone. It represents any issue where alternative opinions are no longer accepted. Either you repeat the accepted view on this issue or you shut up.

Political correctness (PC) is a part of every company, organization, and political party. It just looks different.

PC poses the biggest threat when it’s inside your party. The biggest danger to the party is that which is within.

Congratulations! You’re politically incorrect. Liberals despise you (is that still a good thing?). But do you question the views of your own party? Do you push the predefined boundaries?

Do you challenge your party?

Challenging other’s views is great and all, but if you fail to challenge your own views and the ones of those next to you, you’ll fall into the same problems of your ideological opponents.

Group think is a poison.

The best way to rid your party of that poison is to constantly remind your peers that these issues aren’t off limits.

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