Baking Cakes is Bigoted But Slaughtering Gays Isn’t? Explained

On Twitter Katie Pavlich (and almost every other conservative) voiced what she thought was an apparent lack of logic in the left’s reactions to homophobia. Ah, Christians not baking cakes is bigoted but an Islamic terrorist slaughtering gays is about need for gun control. Got it. — Katie Pavlich (@KatiePavlich) June 12, 2016 Apparently, if […]

1970s Feminists & Their Issues With Motherhood

I want to direct your attention to an excerpt from “Women Together, Women Alone.” A feminist book I’m currently reading (I briefly mentioned that I had bought two feminist books in my newsletter, The Informer). In this chapter, the author discusses the issues of motherhood in the 1970s and 80s Women’s Movement. Especially how Consciousness […]

Americans at Christmas Be Like…

Back to College: Don’t Waste Your Time, Make the Most of It. Make a Difference

The day has finally come….. I’m going back to college. I’ll be packing up my electronic devices, books, assorted clothing items, and making the trip back up to Patrick Henry College. What awaits me is not as certain as I would like it to be. I’ve got a new dorm. I’ve got new roommates (who […]

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