The Days Just Keep Getting Better

Just got done playing a game of ultimate frisbee. So much fun, and man, it felt good. The weather is gorgeous. Around 80 degrees and a cool breeze. Shorts, t-shirt, and flip flops are my friends. I’ll be taking this time to hangout outside, chill with some friends and work on a theology research paper. […]

Coming Home to an Empty House

When you come back to your dorm at 12am at night, you’d expect to see at least one of your roommates working or sleeping there. But alas, that is not so.

Communism: Childcare by the state at the earliest age.

If you look at this excerpt from Friedrich Engels’s “Communist Confession of Faith” you’ll see a lovely section about child rearing and education. Children will educated at the expense of the state. Children will be educated by state institutions as soon as they can do without maternal care. Get the kids indoctrinated early. Make them […]

There’s Too Much Lenin in my Room

“That’s An Awesome Tie! Who Gave That To You?”

I have a noticeable clothing style, let’s put it that way. It’s always nice to get a complement on my style. It tells me I’m doing it right and that people actually enjoy that I’m making an effort to dress nicely. But I always get a weird complement once and a while. This elderly gentlemen […]

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