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Georgia’s Burn Permit as Described Through Memes

The utter idiocy of Georgia’s burn policy is so clear. You should have seen me while I was researching the policy. Frustration, anger, and righteous loathing were just some of the emotions I was feeling. I’m no fan of government bureaucracy. And I bet you’re not a fan of it either. Nothing like ruining your […]

The Georgia Forestry Commission: Protecting the Environment One Burn Permit at a Time

Have you ever burnt a pile of leaves? Have you ever burnt a pile of leaves on your lawn? Maybe it was during the fall. Your lawn was covered with hundreds of orange and brown leaves. And you had to get rid of them somehow. Burning them just made sense. So, you raked them all […]

What The Trans-Fat Debate Really Boils Down To

So… I’ve been on a trans-fat rant over the past week. That’s my bad (obviously), but it’s not unjustified. There’s a growing sentiment among Americans that if the government can act on something it should. This sentiment is harmful for numerous reasons… It Creates an Environment of Social Laziness. Why take a stand against something […]

Trans-Fat Will be Replaced With Something Else

This is what people don’t think of when they go about banning things. There’s always something that’ll replace it. With trans-fat it’s the same. And you might not like what you get. #transfat #ban #statenannyism Published via Pressgram

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