How 6 Mental Fallacies Pervert Your Reaction to Terrorism

I’ve talked about the lack of logic behind America’s fear of terrorism before. We covered the likelihood of dying from terrorism, and how the FBI inflates the number of foiled terror plots via entrapment. Now, I’ve got some psychological points for you. Nothing super crazy. Just basic mental fallacies that we all fall into. And […]

When 30% of Terrorist Plots Are Created By The FBI Is Terrorism Really That Big of a Threat?

You’re more likely to die from obesity or lightening than from terrorism. But you know what’s crazier? The fact that most foiled terrorist attacks are FBI created. Yep, it’s like a George Orwell novel. A tyrannical government sends out its secret police to help dissidents self-incriminate themselves. Resulting in a frightened populace, and a plethora […]

You’re More Likely To Die From Police Brutality Than Terrorism

There’s a prevailing fear. A fear that claims terrorism is widespread. A fear that claims you’ll never know when the threat will strike, or where it’ll be. A fear that claims terrorism is a massive threat to the nation. After the Paris attacks, this fear was rampant. To the point of sickening. If it happened […]

Myth: 99% of Terrorists Caught are Faked

It appears that some people still don’t get it when it comes to terrorism. Poverty and a lack of education do not cause terrorism. And the majority of terrorists are not faked. According to Trevor Aaronson’s book, “The Terror Factory: Inside the FBI’s Manufactured War on Terrorism” the FBI infiltrates Muslim communities to facilitate terrorist […]

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