From Nightclubs to Watering Holes: The Story of How Valuable Profit Can Be

What do nightclubs, water, charity, and profits have in common? A man named Scott Harrison. Now, if you haven’t heard about Scott no worries. I didn’t know about him until a few days ago. What’s important is that you’ll know him now. Scott Harrison used to be a nightclub promoter. And a pretty successful one […]

What Happens When the Government Controls Innovation? (Hint: It Involves Ayn Rand)

A few days ago I decided to pick up Anthem by Ayn Rand. My roommates and I went to the local thrift store for the weekend book deals. $1 for hardcovers, 50 cents for paperbacks. You can’t beat a deal like that. One of my roommates, who is a prolific book collector, convinced me I […]

Could You Do More By Not Going to College? (Opportunity Cost Explained, So You Can Get It)

I’m going to give it to you straight… Economics is so confusing. Even the smallest economic principle is a migraine away. Looking up what opportunity cost is was an adventure in itself. Wikipedia’s explanation was like reading an academic paper. In 30 seconds, you’re reaching for the nearest sharp object to stab into your head. […]

What Do Pineapples Have to Do With the Economy?

“Imagine there’s a country that only produced pineapples.” Shawn said, as he went into a hypothetical scenario in the college cafeteria. “Now, imagine that there’s only one company that makes up this nation’s economy. Everyone is employed by this company in some form or fashion.” “The entire economy is focused on this one pineapple company. […]

Which Type of Government Works Well With a Free Market System

You never hear about a free market existing in a country ruled by a monarchy. It’s just not something you run into. So, is Capitalism not compatible with a monarchy? A better question would be, are there certain forms of government that aren’t compatible with Capitalism? The answer to that question is yes. Take a […]

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