The Burkini: Please Remember This Is A Different Culture

France’s highest administrative court struck a blow against controversial ‘burkini bans’ Friday, overturning one town’s decision to prohibit the full-body swimsuit on its beaches. (NPR)

Apparently, a collection of 30 municipalities have banned the Muslim swimwear from their beaches. The reasoning behind the “burkini” ban is one of secularism and preventing Islamic extremism.

One mayor called the burkini “the symbol of Islamist extremism.”

Prime Minister Manuel Valls said “France is in a ‘battle of cultures’ and that the burkini represents the enslavement of women.”

The decision to strike down the ban is “meant to set a legal precedent,” says the Human Rights League, one of the groups who sued the town.

Now, regardless of what you think of the burka, and other related Muslim garments, you can’t deny that this ban was oppressive and counter-productive.

Want to create more problems than you already have? Ban Muslims from publicly wearing religious garb and don’t be surprised when things go south.

burkini ban in franceAlso, where’s the irony in this whole situation? A government bans religious garments seen as oppression women, thereby oppressing women into not wearing it. You cause more problems for oppressed Muslim women by forcing them to not wear the burka.

Furthermore, not all Muslim women are forced to wear it. Some actually want to (yes, that might be hard to wrap your head around, but this is a different culture we’re dealing with).

When fighting for the right to free expression and human rights, you shouldn’t go about violating people’s rights to dress how they want. That’s called fighting fire with fire. Not a good plan.

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