A New Benghazi Report Places Blame Where Blame is Due (And How You Can Get The Most Out of it)

Benghazi report raises for questions on investigationIt’s been a year since four Americans were killed in an attack on the Benghazi embassy. There were some bumps along the way, but you finally found who was responsible.

They got punished. They got what they deserved. And now –

Whoa! Wait a minute there. Haven’t you heard?

They got the wrong people.

The Accountability Review Board that wrote up the report failed to investigate top State Department officials who had decision making abilities over Benghazi.

Top officials like the Under Secretary for Management Patrick Kennedy were routinely involved in the Benghazi related decision making that ended up costing four Americans their lives.

What about those four State Department officials held accountable?

None of them had the ability to make decisions toward Benghazi. You could say it was “above their pay grade.” And if they did make decisions it always had to be approved by a superior.

Even Charlene Lamb, the Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Programs, who denied requests from the Benghazi facility for more security still had to report to her superior. Here superior being Under Secretary Kennedy.

Kennedy was even responsible for labeling the Benghazi facility a temporary outpost, which lead to the lack of proper security.

The Fact is, those responsible for Benghazi got away

Instead of carrying out a proper investigation the Accountability Review Board ignored high level State Department officials who approved everyday Benghazi related decisions.

Blame wasn’t placed where blame was due.

What’s sad is that you wouldn’t be hearing of the ARB’s failure if it weren’t for the chairman of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, Darrell Issa.

It took an oversight committee to find out the Accountability Review Board didn’t do their job properly.

Isn’t that ironic?

Representative Darrell Issa commissioned the report titled “Benghazi Attacks: Investigative Update Interim Report on the Accountability Review Board.” It discovered dozens of gaps and faults in the ARB’s report (many of which are mentioned above).

Unfortunately the report is almost 100 pages long and guess what… it’s not the easiest thing to read.

That’s where this series comes in

Who wants to read a 100 page report? You certainly don’t. You don’t have the time or the patience to (I don’t blame you).

That’s what this series is for.

For the next few weeks I’ll be writing up posts on sections and topics of the report. It’ll be clear and easy to read. It’ll be straight from the report, but in a way you can understand it effortlessly.

And most importantly, it’ll give you the information you need to stay fully informed on Benghazi.

It’s all for your benefit.

How can you stay updated?

You’re busy. You might miss a segment of the series. You want an easy way to be kept up to date.

That too is easy!

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It’s that simple.

So get ready and strap on your seatbelt, because it’s going to get bumpy.

Benghazi here we come!

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