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Tonight, my brother played for the family. My mom wanted to see him play. She hears him all the time, but seeing a drummer play makes for a whole new experience.

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Should we, as citizens be loud?

I don’t mean loud as in obnoxious. I meant it more on the lines of voicing our opinions. Being heard by those in power. Being opinionated, and strong in our opinions.

Should you be loud?

I’m going to say yes.

Yes, you need to be opinionated. Yes, you need to voice your opinions in a strong and confident manner. Yes, you need to make yourself be heard.

As a citizen, patriot, and lover of Freedom you need to be opinionated. You can’t let the government, peers, family, or the public keep you from voicing your concerns.

“But I have my image to keep up!”

Yeah, tell me how important that image will be once you’ve gotten screwed by everyone. Once you’ve been steamrolled and crushed, will your “public image” count for much?

Will your neighbors hold you up as a “model citizen” when you’ve been choked to death by a bloated government? Will they look up to you when you’re all “equal” in riches, intelligence, skills, and possessions? Will they say, “Now that’s a guy I can count on.” when Freedom is a distant memory?

Nope, they won’t. You’ll just be another sheep chained to Big Brother.

Instead of taking the “easy way,” take the time to be loud. Voice your opinions. Make sure they’re backed in the truth. Keep it courteous. Communicate it simply. Spread it. Grow it. Believe it.

Be loud!

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