Back to College: Don’t Waste Your Time, Make the Most of It. Make a Difference

back to college

The day has finally come….. I’m going back to college.

I’ll be packing up my electronic devices, books, assorted clothing items, and making the trip back up to Patrick Henry College.

What awaits me is not as certain as I would like it to be.

I’ve got a new dorm. I’ve got new roommates (who are awesome by the way). I’ve got new classes, professors, classmates, and books.

I’ve also got new people to meet. Most notably, the incoming freshmen class, that’s said to be extremely extroverted.

But, I’ve also got old friends to see, old hangout spots, and the same laptop, phone and songs that kept me alive during the last semester.

Going back to college will be a combination of new and old experiences.

Especially when I carry through on a few projects I have planned for my semester there.

Making a Difference Starts Out Locally

See, it all comes down to making a difference.

I’ll be damned if I let my life become an average story of an average kid.

I want to make a difference. But, making a difference doesn’t happen overnight. 90% of the time it happens because you put value in one person’s life.

Or, maybe you made a difference locally?

Hasn’t every company and movement started locally? Hasn’t every sweeping social change first started out locally?

Well, PHC is pretty local. I live there for the majority of the year.

And, it’s the perfect environment to make a difference, no matter how small.

The college consists of 400 students (max). You’ve got a handful of professors and faculty who know their students.

It’s a community. And stuff travels fast in a community.

It’s the best place to work on informing minds, spreading freedom, and changing hearts.

I’m Here, Why Not Make the Most of It?

Like I said, I’m at a small college that’s already involved in a lot of “difference making” activities.

While I’m paying for this education I might as well take advantage of what I’ve got.

I forget how much I can do with what I have. All I need is an idea, a plan, a well-crafted message, a laptop, and an avenue to get it out.

God’s given me this opportunity to attend PHC, and I’d be a fool to let it go to waste. Plus, I’d be a bad steward of the resources God has given me.

Rustle Some Feathers

Why the heck not?

Too many people go through their lives believing something without having it challenged. No one challenges their worldview anymore.

It’s taken at face value and left there.

That breeds ignorance. It breeds snobbery. It breeds closed-mindedness.

Rustling feathers is good. As long as you do it nicely (no ranting, crying, screaming, cussing, or preaching).

Make My Voice Heard

What’s the point of having an opinion if you don’t share it? (click to tweet)

sharing opinions

Frankly, what’s the point in believing anything if you refuse to share it?

If you were ever in Sunday School, you might remember that song about hiding your light. I don’t remember the lyrics, but the point of the song was about shining the light Jesus gave you.

Well, guess what buddy… Jesus gave you an opinion. Refusing to share it is not only cowardice, but a waste of what you’ve got.

Even if you don’t believe in God, you’ve got to understand where I’m coming from.

I’ve noticed that the regular avenues of communication (I’m looking at you, school newspapers) are useless for this kind of sharing.

I have to forge my own avenues of dispersal if I want to share my opinions spread the message of Freedom.

You’ll Be Hearing A Lot About College

I’ve got several projects in mind. Some of them are solely reliant on my own work. Others are more of a group effort.

It’s going to take some work to get these projects off the ground. But, I’m confident that if I manage my time well and focus on what’s important I’ll get it all done.

In addition to that, you’ll be hearing a lot of college related news.

And when I mean news, I mean classroom discussions, remarks by professors, cafeteria debates, and anything that will benefit your personal political journey.

Not to mention, it’ll give you a good chuckle.


So, I’ve been mentioning all these “projects” I’ll be doing during this new semester.

But what the heck am I actually going to do?

I know you’re wondering what I’ve got planned. And I can’t wait to tell you.

It’s going to be so much fun.

But since I want to keep this on the down low for a while I’m only going to share it with my Informers.

What’s an “Informer”?

It’s the newsletter section of The Political Informer. It’s where I provide personalized tips for you to not only grow in your beliefs, but share them (the right way).

You could say, it’s where I outline how to be a political evangelist.

It’s also where I’m going to announce my plans for my fall semester at PHC. So, if you want to hear what I’ve got in store (plus get some cool goodies, like posters, articles, and an ebook) that’s the place you’ll want to be.

If you want to hear about my plans for college, you can sign up below (or click here).

I look forward to seeing you Wednesday when I share it all.

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