Interview with Avery Jesmer: Steering Away from the Ultra-Aggressive Rush Limbaugh Approach to Engagement

Avery Jesmer Interview

The aggressive in your face type of political engagement doesn’t work anymore, right?

I mean, one could argue that it’s never worked, but that’s beside the point.

The point is, that this issue of engagement, (how we go about it, etc) is vital. It’s vital if we’re ever going to convince our fellow Americans that Liberty is the best avenue for success.

One of the best ways to figure out this issue is to discuss it amongst ourselves.

Which is why I love doing interviews here on The Political Informer. You get to see how other politically active young people engage with a diverse set of ideas.

Whether it’s dealing with trolls, learning how to interact at family get togethers without causing a political ruckus, or just talking with democrats you come across online.

Reading how other people do it is key to getting a broader understanding.

So in the next few weeks I’ll be putting out more interviews with this kind of focus in them.

If we’re going to change America for the better, we need to learn from each other and get on the same page.

Now, let’s get to Avery’s interview.

As always you should definitely follow her on twitter and read her columns at OUTSET.

Interview with Avery Jesmer

1. Tell us a little about yourself, who are you, what do you, etc?

My name is Avery, and I consider myself to think a little bit outside of the box.

I write for two publications, OUTSET, and FFL of America. My “day job,” is attending a public high school, which frankly, in my opinion, has no educational merit and is absurd for me to be forced to attend.

I spend my nights plastering the internet with thoughts such as those, and political and cultural opinions in general.

I’m a freshman at said merit-less high school, and my interests lie mainly in the political realm.

2. How do you engage with differing views? Are you cautious, aggressive, etc?

Living in a very far left state, and having a presence on the international web, I interact with people of opposing and differing views quite often.

I notice quite a lot in the field of discussion, a lot of people come across as very rude.

I try my hardest to approach discussion with others in a manner which will be beneficial to all parties involved… this manner is generally more on the assertive side, as I always try to steer away from that ultra-aggressive, Rush Limbaugh sort of approach (don’t get me wrong, Rush is a great guy, I just don’t think the red-faced attitude is a good thing to have towards others all the time.)

3. How do you deal with trolls?

Trolls: the most vicious, inconsiderate, toxic people who roam the Internet.

As far as dealing with them is concerned, I generally stick to the non-intervention strategy.

Trolls will always be there, and they’ll always try to get a rise out of you, so I think the best thing is to just not respond, take pictures of the funny ones and post them, and laugh about it.

Usually, interacting with them just makes the problem worse, because they turn something that’s civil and make it a very hostile environment to discuss things in.

4. What first comes to mind when you hear “acceptance”?

When I hear the word “acceptance,” I think of being considerate to someone else’s circumstances, and trying to put yourself in their shoes, rather than immediately passing a judgment about them.

I also think of acknowledging the fact that people are different, and not everyone’s going to be who we necessarily want them to be, and not having a cow about it.

5. What would you say most politically minded people need to work on when engaging with others?

Oh gosh, people have a lot to work on as far as engaging with others is concerned (myself included…) I think that avoiding name-calling at all costs is necessary (trust me, that’s something I constantly have to hold myself back from doing.)

6. How hard is it to keep a conversation with a liberal civil?

I find it pretty difficult to keep a conversation with a liberal civil, because conversation is a two way street.

I walk into a discussion with someone with the intention of gaining some knowledge, and hoping that the other party in the discussion will also learn something… Unfortunately, in order for that to actually happen, the other party has to walk in with that same attitude.

This almost never happens.

Liberals aren’t the only ones who have inefficient and pointless banter, many conservatives do it too.

I think that the best way to keep discussion civil is to walk away when it becomes hostile.

7. How do you deal with that obnoxious political uncle (or any other relative) during family dinners?

Sometimes I feel like I AM the obnoxious political uncle at family dinner… When my relatives ask me what I’ve been doing, I have to refrain from saying, “attempting to eradicate statism in America and restore our freedoms,” because then that one liberal relative gets feisty with me and talks about how much Sarah Palin sucks and how much Obama rocks (wrong and wrong.)

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