Here’s Why Amazon Prime Air is Capitalism at Work (and, Why You Shouldn’t Fear it)


During a 60 Minutes Overtime interview with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Amazon released details about their new project called Amazon Prime Air.

What the heck is that?

It’s awesomeness, plain and simple. Think of it like having every package from Amazon being personally delivered by little “Octocopter” bots right to your doorstep… in 30 minutes.

Amazon Prime Air isn’t close to being finished, but it’s a nifty idea to say the least.

Well, some of us think it is. But as always, you’ve got the haters to deal with.

This group of critics includes everyone from pessimists, to overly obsessed privacy supporters, to government bureaucrats. Their issues with Amazon’s proposed delivery system have some good points, but in the end they’re misplaced and reactionary.

It almost seems like they’re fearful of the very system they praise…Capitalism.

This is capitalism. Like any productive private business, Amazon is testing the waters, trying to bring the most value with the most profits.

Here’s why you have A) nothing to fear, and B) why Amazon Prime Air is the Free Market…

It’s Experimentation

Just like advancement is an integral part of the Free Market, so is experimentation. The willingness and ability to test new ways of running your business and providing value to customers is essential to a successful company.

Amazon’s bot delivery idea is just that. They’re experimenting with new ways of delivering packages in a way that brings more value to you, the customer.

It’s research like this that makes markets and economies thrive and survive. Starbucks utilizes this principle as well with their implementation of the new Clover coffee machines.

It Makes Your Life Easier

If Amazon gets this project off the ground (pun intended) you’ll have the option of skipping that long anxiety filled period of having to wait for your package.

With Amazon Prime Air, you get the package in 30 minutes. Boom, you’re done (and happy)!

A big part of the Free Market is value. It has to have value to be successful. I think Amazon covers that don’t you think?

It Uses Blighted Tech For Good

Ok, bots drones have gotten a bad rap the past few years. I blame the government!

Amazon turns a technology that has great potential for destruction (and fear) into a beneficial service. They’re using this piece of machinery as it was intended to be used.

Privacy Concerns are Unjustified

If Amazon uses a drone to delivery your herbal toothpaste don’t freak out about your “privacy.” That bot already has all the information on you that it needs, because you provided it. Amazon has your location, and they probably have your neighbor’s location too.

The fact is, you’ve already provided Amazon with a ton of information on you. Yet, a delivery drone is going to violate your privacy? Please remember that this is a voluntary delivery system (if it ever becomes reality).

It’s a Delivery Bot, not a Missile Ready Drone

Remember people, the main purpose of Amazon Prime Air is to deliver packages. It isn’t some secret NSA weapon.

No, it won’t be armed with machine guns, night vision goggles, or ports to collect your wifi data.

Stop listening to your paranoid uncle. There’s a reason why he lives alone out in the woods.

It’s not Government Owned

This is the best part about it all. This purposed new delivery system will be privately owned. Will the government try to regulate it and control it? Totally, they’re the government. But you shouldn’t forget that Amazon will be running it.


Just because Amazon is working on a drone delivery system doesn’t mean you have to fear it. Drones aren’t bad. They aren’t solely relegated to spying on terrorists and unsuspecting Americans.

With the right mindset and ideas drones can be used to bring great benefit to your life.

Instead of fearing it, before it’s even become reality, you need to see it for what it is. A legitimate result of Capitalist experimentation and ingenuity.

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