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In an age of increased sensitivity to vitriolic speech, it should be no surprise that such behavior becomes less and less accepted. People who engage in childish taunting and ad hominem attacks will increasingly be dealt with. Again, no surprise. Regardless of what you think of the “triggered” “safe-space” crowd, there’s one thing that’s true. […]

Video: The Backfire Effect

My latest video on what the backfire effect is and how it relates to you, and your political interactions. Be sure to watch, like, and share it! And subscribe to my channel on YouTube. You can read the original piece here.

Nothing Is Sacred

Nothing is sacred. Not your beliefs. Not your policies. Not your outlook. Nothing is off limits. Nothing is free from criticism, skepticism, or questioning. Or at least, nothing should be off limits. When you’re offended that someone could say such a thing about [fill in the blank], you’ve given away what’s sacred to you. Don’t […]

Deny Legitimacy To A Group’s Plight For Long Enough & Soon All They Have Left is Violence

With all that’s happening recently with #BlackLivesMatter protests throughout the country, and the recent shootings, I thought I’d give out a little reminder on why this is happening. This isn’t the main reason why. Think of it like a caveat. When a group cries “oppression” and “injustice” while outsiders criticize and dismiss them, don’t be […]

Video: Randomly Talking To Democrats

A while ago, I got to talk to some democrats at my county fair. It was a great experience that left me encouraged for the future of political discussion. And today, I talk about that interaction in this week’s video. Please subscribe to my channel, like the video, and share it. Original article here.

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