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A Different Approach to Activism: An Interview with the Founder and President of the Free State Project

In the freedom index of all 50 states, the top five states are Missouri, Oklahoma, North and South Dakota, and New Hampshire. Only one of them is being gradually taken over by libertarians and other freedom-loving Americans: New Hampshire. Yes, New Hampshire is experiencing a migration of libertarians, purposely designed to alter the state’s political […]

Quickly Improve Your Communication Skills with 17 Tips From Carl Franklin Braun

Pittsburgh police officers are planning on boycotting Beyoncé’s concert this month, and I can’t believe these cops actually believe it’ll end well for them. Think about it: a black artist whose new single, “Formation” includes a heavy amount of “Black Lives Matter” and policy brutality imagery in it. Now throw in some cops, the majority […]

Challenge Your Party

Being politically incorrect is great. But what about being politically incorrect toward your party? What does your party see as untouchable or off the table? What issues are sacred? If honest questioning and alternative options aren’t accepted, it’s a sign of politically correct thinking. Politically correct isn’t specific to liberals alone. It represents any issue […]

Environmentalism Has Some Lessons For Politics

I think we forget many of the basic laws that govern our environment. No, I’m not talking about your national, home, or college environment. I’m talking about the laws of nature, the laws that you can’t violate without causing secondary problems. These laws are easily forgotten, and easily violated. Why? Because we humans think we […]

Conservatives, Here’s What You’re Doing Wrong With The Transgender Issue

I have no idea how conservatives expect to win Americans over when they say things like this… “Transgenderism denies basic biology. Awarding such a delusion is absurd.” “Facts trump feelings. Feelings change often. Your DNA is stubborn and doesn’t care about your feelings.” “Transgenderism is a mental illness.” I get it, you’re sick of feely-touchy […]

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