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The Backfire Effect: The More Your Beliefs Are Challenged The Stronger They Become

You’re not going to convince people they’re wrong with facts alone. It just won’t happen. In fact, you’re more likely to strengthen their beliefs by trying to convince them their wrong. Yep! That’s right. Challenging their beliefs with contradictory evidence will have the opposite effect of what you intended. It’s what’s called “The Backfire Effect.” […]

How A Leftwing Feminist Spread Anti-Capitalist Views Through The World’s Most Popular Board Game

Imagine the moment when you realize that a leftwing feminist has successfully injected anti-capitalist views into your culture, via an unassuming household staple. And you’re just sitting there like, “I wanna do that.” That’s how I felt reading about the original creator of what is today known as Monopoly. Yes, I’m talking about the famous […]

The Courier: Here’s Your First Dispatch of Thought-Provoking Political Content

It’s hard to find worthwhile political articles on the web. Unless you want to commit to following fifty different sites and scanning through them hourly, you’re bound to miss a lot. You’re bound to miss a lot of articles that’ll make you think, or dispel political myths. This is what The Courier will try to […]

What a Conversation About Trump With Your Coworkers Should Look Like

I had a conversation with some of my co-workers about Donald Trump. I know what you’re thinking—politics in the workplace is never a safe idea. How could I have known whether I was talking to a Trump supporter or not? How did I guard what I said, so as not to blow the situation up? […]

Here’s 6 Tips from 5 Millennials on How to Effectively Reach Out to Americans

It’s always encouraging to see millennials discuss how to reach out to Americans. It’s inspiring to see them drop the confrontational style that plagues politics. Thanks to one breakout session, during CPAC 2016, I got to hear five millennials discuss how they engage with their friends, family, and coworkers. It was refreshing. Mostly because they […]

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