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“Earmarks,” “Benedict Arnolds,” & the Effect of Synecdoche in Politics

If you’ve ever heard a politician use the word “earmarks” to describe a bill, you’ve heard a synecdoche in action. Synecdoche’s are quite common in our political language. But like most figures of speech, its name isn’t well known. However, before you click away back into the vast reaches of the internet, hear me out. […]

The Milgram Experiment & The Drawback of Refusing to Question Authority

“I was only following orders,” he pleaded. “I wasn’t involved in the killings. It was a minor role.” The above dialogue was the defense given by Adolf Eichmann, Nazi SS lieutenant colonel, for his actions during the Holocaust After being captured by Mossad agents in 1960, Eichmann was eventually tried in Jerusalem a year later […]

How 6 Mental Fallacies Pervert Your Reaction to Terrorism

I’ve talked about the lack of logic behind America’s fear of terrorism before. We covered the likelihood of dying from terrorism, and how the FBI inflates the number of foiled terror plots via entrapment. Now, I’ve got some psychological points for you. Nothing super crazy. Just basic mental fallacies that we all fall into. And […]

The Personal Is Political (Feminism, Consciousness Raising, & Spreading Awareness of The Political Issues That Affect Our Lives)

Imagine numerous groups of women meeting weekly, across the United States. In groups of 8 to 12, they met to discuss the daily hustle and bustle of being a woman in the late 60s. But this wasn’t some knitting or scrapbooking club. No, this was much more serious. These discussions sparked the beginning of modern […]

Sick of Those Blank Stares After Explaining a Political Issue? Use Analogies to Help Them Get It

Economics makes a heck of a lot more sense with real-life examples. Am I right? I’m not gonna lie, economics can be pretty complicated. So can politics. Using analogies helps bridge that gap between theory and reality. How does supply and demand work? Instead of using a graph to describe it, use the example of […]

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