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More Reasons Why Your Political Views Are Most Likely Illogical & Emotionally Based

We like to think we’re rational beings. We’re conservatives and libertarians for crying out loud. That’s our rallying cry. We’re the logical guys. Realistically, you and I are just as illogical and emotional as the next guy. Democrats and progressives are no more emotional than you and I are. Humans are emotional, and routinely irrational […]

When 30% of Terrorist Plots Are Created By The FBI Is Terrorism Really That Big of a Threat?

You’re more likely to die from obesity or lightening than from terrorism. But you know what’s crazier? The fact that most foiled terrorist attacks are FBI created. Yep, it’s like a George Orwell novel. A tyrannical government sends out its secret police to help dissidents self-incriminate themselves. Resulting in a frightened populace, and a plethora […]

Don’t Be All Mouth & No Ears (Pointers On Political Communication)

What goes on in your head when someone’s talking? Are you digesting what they’re saying? Are you processing what they’re saying, trying to understand the nuances? Are you getting their point? Or, are you collecting your thoughts until it’s your time to talk? Honestly, I’m sure we both do the latter. It’s easier to be […]

You’re More Likely To Die From Police Brutality Than Terrorism

There’s a prevailing fear. A fear that claims terrorism is widespread. A fear that claims you’ll never know when the threat will strike, or where it’ll be. A fear that claims terrorism is a massive threat to the nation. After the Paris attacks, this fear was rampant. To the point of sickening. If it happened […]

Who Said You’re Not Smart Enough for Politics?

According to some, you have to have a certain IQ to fully understand the political world. I think that’s ridiculous. Like everything in life, becoming political informed takes works. It takes focus. As long as you don’t have any serious mental handicaps, you’re capable of understanding politics. I don’t know if this “not smart enough […]

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