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1970s Feminists & Their Issues With Motherhood

I want to direct your attention to an excerpt from “Women Together, Women Alone.” A feminist book I’m currently reading (I briefly mentioned that I had bought two feminist books in my newsletter, The Informer). In this chapter, the author discusses the issues of motherhood in the 1970s and 80s Women’s Movement. Especially how Consciousness […]

Americans at Christmas Be Like…

The Left Cares About People Too

“If the left really cared about Americans, they wouldn’t push for socialist policies.” Another half-assed comment. Filled with assumptions, generalizations, and lacking any personal knowledge of why this particular group of Americans pushes for such policies. This makes me face-palm, numerous times a day. Conservatives, libertarians, republicans, they all do this. Heck, I’ve done it. […]

Insecurities & Fear Hold Me Back From Being Politically Effective

I think we forget how much fear plays a role in aggressiveness. Why’s it so hard to have a civil conversation? Why must politics be such an antagonistic sport? From personal experience, I can tell you why. Fear plays a big part. Insecurities an even bigger part. For those of us who strongly identify with […]

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