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Dealing with Aggressive People on the Internet (& Remembering How to Avoid it Yourself)

The lack of face to face interactions these days has created the perfect breeding ground. The perfect breeding ground for unwarranted aggressiveness. The anonymous nature of the internet makes it easy to let off on people. To be a troll. To be closed minded and aggressive with those who disagree with you. It’s what’s called […]

Trigger Warnings & Safe Places: The Self-Imposed Tyranny

Before I run into the complexities of victimhood culture, and the sad state of affairs that is it. I should define what Trigger warnings and safe places are. Just to make sure you know what I’m talking about. I like Urban Dictionary’s definition of Trigger Warnings the best… “A phrase posted at the beginning of […]

What Happened When I Talked to Democrats at The County Fair?

Who goes to a county fair to talk to democrats? I did. Although not intentionally. Every October the fair comes into town. Funnel cake, ferris wheel, the whole shebang. So a group of us decided to go and check it out. While walking around I saw a Democratic Party table with some Hillary and Bernie […]

Wanna Persuade People to Join Your Cause? Look No Further than Donald Trump for Advice

The Media isn’t to blame for Trump’s rise in the polls. That would be too simple. Not to mention insulting to Trump himself. See, Trump isn’t stupid. He’s a smart guy. He’s also a businessman, which means he knows a thing or two about selling. More specifically, getting people to buy his product. And as […]

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