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How to Lessen the Fear & Make Running Into Disagreement Worthwhile

“They’re a rather boisterous group.” That was my wing-mate’s description of the small Theonomist contingent on campus. It was my first semester at college. My first week. And I was already getting a lay of the college’s political landscape. I’m a political junkie. So it’s no surprise that I asked about the political makeup of […]

You Could Learn A Thing Or Two From Hillary’s Efforts To Be “Hip”

Hillary is trying so hard to be the cool hip candidate. You can’t blame her. She lost the last election thanks to lackluster support among the youth. She’s not planning on making that mistake again. She’s been hitting up all the known youth spots. The Ellen Show, Saturday Night Live, and snapchat. Hoping to make […]

Dealing With Your Crazy An-Cap Friend

Note: If you don’t know what anarcho-capitalism, it’s simply someone who believes that a stateless Free Market society works the best. You can read more about it here. Anarcho-capitalists are a special kind of political ideology. They’re both equally crazy and equally sane. If you don’t have a friend who’s an an-cap, chances are you’ve […]

Botched Republican Outreach

Nothing makes me cringe more than watching a Republican parody of “Say Yes to the Dress.” I write this as I lay in the corner of my room in the fetal position; shivering and crying. Yes, the parody was that bad. So bad, I had to shield my eyes. The ad was for Rick Scott’s […]

Freedom For All Isn’t Just a Phrase, It’s a Way of Life

Live like you believe it. Believe what? Freedom! How do I live like I believe it? By not being a fraud. A fraud? Yes, a fraud. Frauds use words like “Liberty.” “Freedom,” and “Personal Responsibility.” They say they love individual liberty. Frankly they say a lot of things. But they don’t believe it. They don’t […]

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