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Illegal Aliens Are To The US, Like Jews Were To Nazi Germany

I once heard someone argue that words don’t matter, policy does. It was on the topic of illegal immigration. I knew what he was getting at. People are called “illegal immigrants” for a reason. They’ve broken the law. Trying to gloss over that fact by changing the language is absurd. True! I get his argument. […]

A Lesson on Outreach from Rand Paul’s Campaign Trail

Rand Paul is the progressive kid of the family. No, I don’t mean progressive as in the political ideology. I’m talking about his broad minded approach to reaching Americans outside the GOP base. When the rest of the GOP family is sticking to who they know, Rand is moving past the familiar family circles. He’s […]

Interview with Avery Jesmer: Steering Away from the Ultra-Aggressive Rush Limbaugh Approach to Engagement

The aggressive in your face type of political engagement doesn’t work anymore, right? I mean, one could argue that it’s never worked, but that’s beside the point. The point is, that this issue of engagement, (how we go about it, etc) is vital. It’s vital if we’re ever going to convince our fellow Americans that […]

Why Following Donald Trump Will Cost You in the Long Run

Donald Trump has taken the lead in the polls. The 2016 Republican Presidential Nomination poll puts him at 26.5%. That’s a 14.5% lead on the second highest republican candidate, Ben Carson. The polls aren’t the only thing Trump is dominating. He’s also got the media following his every move. According to FiveThirtyEight, Trump dominates 46% […]

How to Communicate Your Beliefs to Others: A Guide to Bridging the Gap Between Knowledge & Dissemination

Sometimes my peers disappoint me. This was one of those times. I was in a van headed to an American Enterprise Institute conference located in DC. The College dean was driving the van, and we were having a pretty good start. Granted, it was 6 in the morning (ugh!). I was a first semester sophomore […]

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