Archives for June 2015

“Money for Nothing” & the Myth of the Free Lunch

Do you think rockers get money for nothing? Up there on the stage, performing for thousands. They have fun, the crowd loves them, and they get tons of fans. That’s got to be a great life, right? In 1985, Dire Straits wrote “Money for Nothing” about a store clerk looking at the life of a […]

Remember These 3 Points When Sharing Your Opinion

Editor’s note: this is a excerpt from an ebook I’m working on. Hopefully, if all goes well, I should have it published on The Political Informer in two weeks. You’re going to be sharing your opinion at some point. The more you learn and inform yourself, the more you’ll be able to add to conversations. […]

The Minimum Wage Movement will Die by Its Own Hands

One of my roommates from college used to work for McDonald’s. He knew the ins and outs of the fast food restaurant. Which would really be useful when we would go to McDonald’s late at night to get a break from school (or gaming). “Don’t get the double cheese burger,” he would say, “The only […]

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