Archives for May 2015

Obama Thinks It’s “Unfair,” I Think It’s Good Business

The US corporate tax system is a mess. It’s no shock if you’ve researched the plethora of taxes, fines, and regulations that make up the US tax system. High corporate tax rates, harsh business restrictions, and routine vilification have set US business back in the world economy. Heck, US companies can’t make foreign investments without […]

To All the Cop Haters Out There…You’re Wrong

Cop Haters are a special crowd. They love throwing the baby out with the bath water. “All cops are bad,” they say, “There’s no such thing as a good cop.” It’s the ultimate dichotomy. There’s no room for improvement, accidents, or good behavior. If you’re a cop, you’re automatically one of the bad guys. At […]

San Francisco has Really Screwed Themselves this Time

A city needs housing, especially if it’s growing. That’s just how it works. No housing equals no incentive for individuals to come fill jobs, which means no growth. No housing also mean the poor get screwed. If a city is in need of affordable housing you can be sure that their poor are facing increased […]

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