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Ultimately About People

Net Neutrality passed yesterday… All the pro-internet regulators are now celebrating. They’re throwing their parties. They’re looking forward to the coming period of prosperity. For you and me, that’s just not the case. Well, guess what…this isn’t a huge loss. See, this isn’t a movement of policies. I’m certainly not here to offer new regulatory […]

Net Neutrality Isn’t About Internet Freedom

You’ve shopped on Amazon before, right? Isn’t it a pleasant experience? Thousands of items to choose from. You can find almost anything. And, if you find what you need, you can sign up for Amazon Prime for two day shipping. Isn’t that awesome? For only $99 a year you get free two day shipping, access […]

On the Issue of Abortion

Last week, I wrote about the horrible arguments that are made in the pro-life movement. Arguments that only push people away. After that article, I felt it was only appropriate that I outlined my own views on abortion. They’re not that crazy, I promise. But that doesn’t mean I’ve figured out everything. I’m still on […]

5 Things You Shouldn’t Say if You’re Pro-Life

I used to be pretty confrontational when I was young. Technically, I’m still confrontational, but I’ve matured a great deal since my early days. I’ve learned that “winning the argument” isn’t as important as I used to think. The only benefit it gives is an ego boost. It rarely wins people over. It rarely sends […]

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