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Agree on the General Principle, Stop Focusing on the Details

It’s easy to get picky with the details. The details are important, I get it. Details are important in politics. But unless you’re voting on a senate bill or the next president, it can get in the way of outreach. Think of all the conversations and debates you have had in the past year. I […]

Here’s Why You Don’t have a Right to Healthcare (or, Free Wifi for that Matter)

“Healthcare must be recognized as a right, not a privilege.” Those are the words of Senator Bernie Sanders, from Vermont, in an article of his on The Huffington Post, back in 2013. What drew my attention to his article was a recent conversation I had on twitter about this very issue. Healthcare. More specifically, is […]

Two of My Favorite Political Statements…

“Free Community College” “It’s not a tax, it’s a user fee.” That’s gold right there. More government subsidies for the college market. It’s going to screw up more things than it helps. Yet, it’s being portrayed as something good. Even life-saving. Then there’s the gas tax hike people. Gas is cheap, so I guess it’s […]

When Selling Lemonade Becomes a Safety Hazard

Did you ever operate a lemonade stand when you were a kid? I never did. My brother and I were more into comics. That was our thing. We made comics, and then we sold them (or at least attempted to). We even had a few auctions if I remember correctly. But you know what we […]

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