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I Once Met a Communist who Worshiped Nature Gods (& I Liked Him)

There used to be time when I was a member of an online gaming forum. The thing is, I never talked about video games. I was the worst video game forum member ever. I talked about politics and social issues with the guys and girls on there. I met a ton of different kids, teenagers […]

Stop the Mudslinging: 5 Reason Why You Should Give Obama Some Respect

  You’ve probably seen these memes before. They represent a combination of atrocious Photoshop skills, overused clich├ęs, and minuscule imaginations (not to mention IQ levels). But at the bottom of these memes is a misplaced focus. One that is currently hurting the conservative community at large, without them even knowing. Look at your social media, […]

The FCC and the Cable Industry [Infograph]

Thanks to the change in technology, cable broadcast companies are no longer the only ones able to stream TV programs and shows. With the rise of internet companies like Hulu and Netflix you’re able to watch TV shows on your computer. All through an internet connection. This is changing the game of TV programming. It’s […]

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