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There’s a Reason Why the Term “Socially Liberal” is Misleading

People love labeling themselves. It’s easy. It’s descriptive. It’s a great way of finding like-minded men and women. But there comes a time when it’s misleading… Calling yourself “socially liberal” is one of those times. I bet you’ve heard this before. “Yeah, I usually consider myself socially liberal and fiscally conservative.” That sentence always irks […]

What is the Social Justice Agenda? (Part 2 of the Evangelical Leadership Summit)

The phrase “social justice” brings up a lot of bad connotations. You’ve got the social justice warriors on twitter (God bless their pee-pickin’ hearts). You’ve got that whole redistribution of wealth worldview. And, you’ve got every irritating personality trait imaginable. Yeah, social justice doesn’t have a good history. But, have you tried to push your […]

Fighting for Miley Cyrus’s Freedom (Part 1 of My Time at AEI’s Evangelical Leadership Summit)

Miley Cyrus is downright disgusting these days. Can I get an amen? She’s become the poster child for the stereotypical eccentric pop star. She’s also become the bane of parents everywhere. She’s crazy. She’s wild. She’s not someone you want your kids watching. And frankly, I don’t blame parents for loathing her. Hide your kids, […]

Hillary Plans on Reminding Us of the “Good Times”… What Will You Remind People of?

Let me ask you this one question… What are you reminding people of? What are you constantly telling them about? What’s the focus of your tweets, facebook statuses, Google+ posts, and blog articles? Are you focusing on specific news stories, or, are you focusing on the bigger picture? Now that you’ve answered those questions (if […]

Is Burger King Deserting America?

Have you heard about Burger King’s purchase of Tim Hortons in the news recently? Tim Hortons is a Canadian coffee and doughnut shop that was acquired by Burger King for $11 billion. This move makes Burger King the third largest fast-food company in the world. However, it’s not the size that’s freaking out this one […]

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