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Using Liberal Logic Against Them

It amazes me that a political group so entrenched in helping the “little guy” is so against gun ownership. We all know Liberals aren’t against rape victims, women, poor people, and gays. Yet, they deprive them of the one thing that could guarantee their safety. In ghettos and poor sectors of cities, owning a gun […]

Assume They Know Nothing

There’s a saying in marketing that’s thrown around a lot. Assume your customer knows nothing about what you’re talking about. It’s a useful tactic to remember, because it helps you avoid confusing your reader. If you assume they know nothing (or the bare amount) then you’ll explain things and avoid complicating language. This marketing principle […]

Get to the Know the Fiery Redhead of Google+: Interview with Leslie P.

Note: This is a part of a series of interviews where different men and women share their stories on how they became politically informed. All of these people I know in some form or another. I can’t stress how beneficial it would be for you to follow and get to know them. So, do it ASAP. I’ve […]

Why I’m For Hobby Lobby

Ok, it’s time to lay down the law… metaphorically speaking. I’ve already said a few things about the Hobby Lobby case here. And, it turns out I beat the Mises Institute to the punch about the Hobby Lobby case being about private property. But, that’s not what I came here to say… I’m here to […]

What Do Pineapples Have to Do With the Economy?

“Imagine there’s a country that only produced pineapples.” Shawn said, as he went into a hypothetical scenario in the college cafeteria. “Now, imagine that there’s only one company that makes up this nation’s economy. Everyone is employed by this company in some form or fashion.” “The entire economy is focused on this one pineapple company. […]

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