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The Power of Discussion

Camping trips are some of the best times to have deep conversations on topics that you wouldn’t have otherwise. It’s like the environment is structured to encourage such conservations. You’re sitting around a fire with four to six other friends. It’s relaxing. It’s calming. There’s no distractions to provide an easy escape route for the […]

The Days Just Keep Getting Better

Just got done playing a game of ultimate frisbee. So much fun, and man, it felt good. The weather is gorgeous. Around 80 degrees and a cool breeze. Shorts, t-shirt, and flip flops are my friends. I’ll be taking this time to hangout outside, chill with some friends and work on a theology research paper. […]

Change Through People… Or Through Regulations

Here’s a quick thought for a friday afternoon. Does change come through person to person interactions, or through lobbyists, politicians, demagogues, and regulations? Depending on which one you pick will tell you how  you view the world. It’ll tell you how you’ll go about reforming it. Will you use the government? Or, will you use […]

Freedom is a Highway. Tyranny is the Stops Along the Way

Progress isn’t a word most of us feel comfortable using. It has a “we all evolve,” or “progressive” sense to it. That’s the meaning society has stamped to it in recent decades. But in reality, progress isn’t a sketchy word. It doesn’t have to have the meaning of an evolutionary, we’re always getting better as […]

Coming Home to an Empty House

When you come back to your dorm at 12am at night, you’d expect to see at least one of your roommates working or sleeping there. But alas, that is not so.

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