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There’s a Reason Democrats Believe What they Believe (Understand that to Win Them Over)

How do you win people over? Do you beat the preferable “bible” over their head? Do you water down and sugar coat the message? Do you relate to them? Do you use emotion and truth to win them over? Or… do you just forget the whole “win them over” strategy and go for something a […]

Studying on a Saturday

Today, is studying day. Hopefully, I’ll get some personal writing done as well. Published via Pressgram

One Man

One man out in the snow… Kinda looks like the guy on Elf. Published via Pressgram

Which Direction?

Looking down, it’s kind of hard to figure out which direction to go, or not to go. Published via Pressgram

There’s a Solution to Government Regulation, and it Rests in the Hands of the Private Sector

Do you like learning new things? I certainly do, especially when it comes to politics. I’ve been pushing myself over the past four or five months to really go through what I believe political. Test it. Contemplate it. Resolve issues. And reform my beliefs into something that lines up with not only my faith, but […]

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