Archives for December 2013

Be Cynical

By cynical, question everything, and don’t follow the herd. All extremely helpful pieces of advice to follow in the political world. Published via Pressgram

What to Say When a Coworker of Yours Believes that Others are Obligated to Take Care of Her

There’s nothing more humorous than listening to a political discussion in the break room of your work place. And it seems like I arrive just in time to hear them. I tell you, I can spot a political conversation a mile away. It doesn’t matter whether I’m eating my lunch or have my earphones plugged […]

Waiting for the Band

Duke wants the drummer to walk in soon. I think he enjoys it. Although it hurts his hearing. Published via Pressgram

Be Loud

Tonight, my brother played for the family. My mom wanted to see him play. She hears him all the time, but seeing a drummer play makes for a whole new experience. Published via Pressgram Should we, as citizens be loud? I don’t mean loud as in obnoxious. I meant it more on the lines of voicing […]

Taco Bell Friends

Did some hanging out with some friends of mine today. The six of us went bowling and then ate at Taco Bell. Good times! Published via Pressgram

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