Archives for November 2013

The Trees

So I’m kinda late for Pressgram’s mirror image contest, but who cares. You can’t force creativity… Published via Pressgram

The Light at the End

Work today was hectic (duh! It’s Black Friday). But, man, it feels awesome coming home to my family. It’s a long day, week, or journey. But there’s always the light at the end. For me, I look forward to that light. Published via Pressgram

Get it Done!

It’s a beautiful post-Thanksgiving day, but as always there is work. There’s the stuff that we have to get done. But sometimes we get stuck by resistance. Fight it! Overcome it! And get your “thing” done. Published via Pressgram

Day of Thanksgiving

Took a walk before thanksgiving feast. Just me, my brother, my dog, music and a nice day. Published via Pressgram

I Don’t Want to Wake Up

Woke up this morning to find him snuggled underneath his blanket. Published via Pressgram

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