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Innovation vs. Big Government: Uber Tries to Revolutionize the Cab Industry

When you want a taxi, how do you get one? Do you run to the edge of the street waving your hand like an over eccentric grandparent (who, by the way, hasn’t seen you in a while)? Do you calmly walk to the street corner in front of your apartment and raise your thumb in […]


Don’t you love those auto-playing videos in tabs you can’t find. #annoying #autoplay Published via Pressgram

Time of the Season

It’s leather jacket season, and I’m excited! #leatherjacket #timeoftheseason #season Published via Pressgram

Black on White

This guy is just a natural when it comes to having his picture taken. #dppet #dogs #pets #coonhound Published via Pressgram

Is Obamacare the Worst Marketing Failure Ever?

It’s no secret that the Obamacare website was (and still is) a massive failure. I think you can agree that two highschool nerds could’ve built a better site. But what caused the whole thing to go under in a heap of smoke? If you take away all the botches, mess-ups, and terrible time management and […]

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