Archives for September 2013

Enjoying Life in the Sun

Honey and Duke on the Sun a few years back. #dogs #sun #family Published via Pressgram

The Number One Way To Fundamentally Change America (For The Better)

During the 2008 election you heard the term “fundamentally changing America” quite a bit. It was going to be Obama’s claim to fame, and so far, it’s been just that. His claim to fame. Only just not the way he imagined it. What’s Been His Change? That answer could go into a whole world of […]

The Olden Days

A picture of my Grandpa from way back in the day. Doesn’t he look kinda like #jamesbond? #family #oldendays Published via Pressgram

Just Some Candy Corn

Haven’t had candy corn in forever. #candycorn #candy #halloween Published via Pressgram

The War of Art

Current reading for the week. The ways Resistance messes with you is amazing. Have you read this book? #thewarofart #stevenpressfield #reading Published via Pressgram

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