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2002 Winter Olympics: The NSA can Monitor Your Entire City

[Source: USA Today] The NSA has already showed itself to be a formidable surveillance agency. Not only can it track massive amounts of information, but it can reach anyone and everything, storing the data indefinitely if it so pleases. And like all good intelligence agencies it has the ability (and means) to far exceed its […]

How My Red Robin Experience Made Me Appreciate Capitalism

Everybody loves a good burger right? Heck, I love a good cheeseburger! Ketchup, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomatoes, bacon; anyway you want it anytime you crave it. And you love good service right? Who doesn’t? A good customer service experience can make a dramatic difference in how you view the company. But before I get to the […]

Nannyism at its Dumbest: Massachusetts Town Bans a Favorite Pastime

[Source: The Blaze] Government protectionism is frustrating, but what if it affected one of your favorite pastimes? And I’m not talking about making the process harder… what if they flat out banned it? That’s what happened in Marblehead, Massachusetts. Town officials decided to close the docks to any fishing, after noticing the massive amount of […]

What’s Your Opinion? Are London’s “Tracker Bins” a Turn for the Worse?

[Source:] The issue of surveillance has been hot and heavy the past few months, and for a while it revolved around government surveillance. Is it wrong? Is it a breach of your privacy? Is it acceptable in certain situations or not? But now the issue of company surveillance (or should I say tracking) has […]

Cross-Border Data Gathering: How the NSA Collects Way More Data than You Think

[Source: The New York Times] You can be sure that if it involves government surveillance things will get worse. The NSA is the perfect example of this. Not only are they collecting information on foreigners who are under surveillance, but they’re also branching out to anyone who mentions them (known as Cross-Border data gathering). That’s right, […]

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