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5 Reasons Why License Plate Scanners are a Threat to Your Freedom

When it comes to the government things are never cut and dry. A gray area always exists and you can be sure it will happen if the correct measures aren’t taken to protect your freedom. This new police tactic is no different. Attached to police cars, bridges or buildings – and sometimes merely as an […]

Rep. Frank Wolf: Benghazi Survivors Prohibited from Speaking Out

This is part of the Benghazi Series. To read more on Benghazi click here. Apparently, while you and I were distracted on the Zimmerman trial, the racist remarks and the riots Benghazi survivors were silently being told to shut up and sit down. Luckily, one Congressman kept his eyes and ears open shedding some light […]

Nannyism at its Best: UK could Prosecute Parents for Emotionally Harming Their Kids

Leave it to politicians to pick the most subjective issue to regulate. Let alone prosecute. Next the British government will be punishing parents who make their children do chores. That’s forced labor don’t you know. Or my personal favorite. Punish parents who force their children to become self-reliant. Forcing your child to get a job […]

Where Indonesia’s Muslims Are Headed in the Next 22 Years. And What They’re Doing to Try and Stop It.

There’s nothing more frightening than to know you’re losing control. Whether that’d be at work, in your marriage, or while playing Call of Duty: Zombies. You hate losing control. But if you’re a Muslim currently living in Indonesia, your grasp of control is slowly coming to an end. Indonesia has the largest Muslim population in […]

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