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I use to be that annoying neo-con online.

I would argue, troll, and attack everyone who didn’t agree with me. I roamed a gaming forum for the longest time because I was that bad.

I loved politics, but I didn’t know how to communicate it properly. I was a soldier without the proper weapons and it was plain to see.

Too many of us are longing for more Freedom. We want a smaller government, less taxes, less bureaucratic control over our lives. But then we attack people online who don’t share our outlook on government, and we wonder why change isn’t happening.

You can’t hope to change America for the better without first changing how you communicate the change you want.

Yes, you want individual freedom, but do you take the time to help others understand that? Do you troll? Or, do you have civil discussions and understand why the left holds to certain views?

Before you can make change, before you can win your friends, family, and neighbors over to Freedom, you’ve got to learn how to win them over.

This is where I come in.

At The Political Informer, you’ll learn how to not only communicate what you believe with others, but how to share it effectively with them.

You’ll learn how to…

  • reach out to people across the aisle (and whoever disagrees with you)
  • create conversations, not arguments over the issues that matter
  • communicate what you believe succinctly, confidently, and effectively
  • share your opinions at the right moment, in the right way.

and the list goes on…

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You want to spread the ideas of Individual Freedom to those around you, and you want to be effective at it.

I’ll show you how to do it. I’ve had to change my ways from my early neo-con days. It was hard, but totally worth it!

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